Parents, Students Go On Book-Buying Spree To Honour Principal Killed In Crash

The memory of a principal killed while saving children from a bus crash will live on through reading.

Instead of flowers, MSD Lawrence Township asked for books in memory of Susan Jordan, who died in the crash Tuesday afternoon at Amy Beverland Elementary, where she worked as principal for more than 20 years. Some parents took that request to heart and gathered Wednesday afternoon with their children for a shopping trip with a purpose.

Each book purchased was a way to honor and remember.  

"I just can't think of a better way to keep her memory alive than to have her name inside of books that children will be enjoying and reading for years to come," said parent Alanna Ampil.

Jordan was an avid reader herself, a believer that reading instilled confidence in children and paved the way for their success.

"I think it's good that we'll have something to remember Mrs. Jordan by," said Reagan Goff, an 11-year-old who attends Amy Beverland Elementary. "Instead of just remembering her by a picture or her...something she said, I think it will be better if we remember her by something we did."

And being able to do something is helping not only kids, but also their parents cope with grief.
As a mom, trying to help my own daughter navigate has been an emotional experience for me," said parent Jenny Goff, "and I think it's important for kids to feel like they can do something positive with all those negative feelings that they have."

This is also an opportunity for the entire community.

"No, didn't know her," said Kathy Oneacre, whose children go to school in Lawrence Township. "But did know a lot of people that did know her. And just reading all of the posts about her and everything that she obviously did and meant to the district, she was obviously a great influence."

An influence that will live on within these pages. A teacher and principal who continues to educate children even now.

"Hopefully, they're learning that you don't have to stay sad. Mrs. Jordan wouldn't want us to stay sad. She would want us to do something positive and impact other people because that's what she spent her life doing," said Goff.

If people want to drop off books, they can do so at the Lawrence Township Education Center at 6501 Sunnyside Road.
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