Nursery School Teacher Works As A Prostitute! Awareness for Schools and Parents!

Katya Gorlova, 22, a nursery school teacher who also goes by the name of Anastasia Monpasye, was caught on camera performing sex acts in exchange for money. In a video which appears to have been recorded without her knowledge, she is seen dressed in just her underwear, she accepts £30 from a young man before proceeding to get intimate with him.

During conversation she told the man her real job involved teaching, singing and dancing to young children at a school, it has been claimed. She also disclosed her part-time job as a prostitute does not interfere with her nursery school job.

She now faces an enquiry, but it is not clear whether or not the woman will keep her job. She went on to claim she does not provide “intimate services” on a regular basis and, besides that she is free to do “whatever I want” as she is single.

In the past she had reportedly worked as a go-go dancer, performing in various nightclubs and has a dating websites profile that focuses on “intimate services”. She says she plans to sue the man who leaked the tape. It is believed to have been shot in Kaliningrad, western Russia.

Other pictures cannot be posted on this site for the purpose of decency.Schools and parents are advised to know their children's teachers very well for health reasons and to protect them from been lured into unhealthy relationships.
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