Mum Loses Wedding Ring Then Checks Her Baby

A Reddit user - said his wife was her ring and searched everywhere, but couldn't find it. She then decided to take their toddler to her GP ‘just in case’. He didn't say how old the baby was.
The GP X-rayed the child - and the lost wedding ring was clearly visible.

Reddit user I Am Clark Griswold (the father) said, ‘The reason the pediatrician suggested the x-ray was to ensure it wasn’t getting stuck anywhere it shouldn’t. Retrieving the ring wasn’t the concern.
‘He’s actually shown no signs of discomfort at all. ‘I’m certain his older brothers will be telling him about this for the rest of his life.’ ‘Now we dissect each diaper like 5th grade science class.’
In a follow-up post, the father revealed that the ring had reappeared after his son pooped without any prompting needed.
‘We can’t believe how quickly it passed, and it didn’t seem to cause him any pain on the way out. What a trooper. What a pooper.
‘There was barely any indication other than the familiar smell.

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