Identify The Predator

I think it’s safe to say that we all know that it’s a dangerous world we now live in, there are Predators everywhere, in schools, in religious houses, even at home, all ready to abuse our children at the slightest opportunity. Some of these people could even be relatives, neighbors or even parents…blah, blah, blah!

The disturbing thing is that armed with this knowledge as we are, the reported cases of abuse still soar day by day, not to mention the unreported cases. It’s like malaria being the leading cause of death in Africa, even when we all know the simple preventive and corrective measures for this disease. I mean I know children who grew up suffering years and years of abuse and the parents had no clue, mostly thinking they were effectively protecting these kids

Let’s face it, with work and everything, we can’t be with our kids all day, so how exactly do you know that someone isn’t fiddling with your kids in your absence? Well, I have read all sorts of reports and articles and I’m most convinced that the best way, besides loads and loads of relentless prayers, is to KNOW who your kids spend time with. This does not mean, identifying these individuals. No, it goes beyond that. It means shrinking them personally. So I’ll take you through a crash course in shrinking. IT IS NOT FOOL PROOF, but it will certainly help you.

The first thing you need to know is that, (contrary to what many will have you believe), no human is born with a desire to hurt others, so when people hurt others, it’s most likely a result of some hurt they have experienced or are experiencing themselves. And sometimes, these people need help. YES I SAID IT, YOU CAN HELP THEM.

The second is that although we spend time talking about sexual abuse, there other kinds that could be just as devastating to children. For instance, shaking or shoving. Slapping or hitting. Beating with a belt, shoe or other object. Burning a child with matches or cigarettes. Scalding a child with water that is too hot. Pulling a child's hair out. Breaking a child's arm, leg, or other bones. Not letting a child eat, drink or use the bathroom. All these are examples of PHYSICAL abuse, and believe it or not, they happen, and not just in some faraway land. They happen here. To clear the air, SEXUAL abuse can include ANY of the following; Fondling a child's genitals. Having intercourse with a child. Having oral sex with a child. Having sex in front of a child. Having a child touch an older person's genitals. Using a child in pornography. Showing X-rated books or movies to a child.

When children are being abused, they are likely to display one or several of these signs; Frequent injuries. Learning problems. Fear or shyness. Bad dreams. Behavior problems. Depression. Fear of certain adults or places. You should also look out for these signs; Cuts and bruises. Broken bones or internal injuries. Burns. Constant hunger or thirst. Lack of interest in surroundings. Dirty hair or skin, frequent diaper rash. Lack of supervision. Pain, bruising, or bleeding in the genitals. More knowledge about sex than is normal for the child's age. Hard-to-believe stories about how accidents occurred. Never take any of these signs for granted.

A person is likely to be abusive If he/she was abused as a child, is being abused by a spouse or partner, uses alcohol or other drugs, or expects too much of a child. It can also happen if they are worried about not having enough money, having problems with spouses or partners, coping with a family member's illness or death or are stressed from their jobs or other problems.

So take the time to really know your children’s teachers and care givers. You just might discover something worth discovering.

S. Martinson
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