How To Tell If Your Kid Is Lying

All parents want the answer to one simple question: “How can I raise well-behaved kids?”

Lets paint a scenario, a mom confronts her kid on the whereabouts of an i-pad gone missing. “Are you lying?” she asks the child. “Do you know what happens to liars?” The child's word  to her mom is "Drop the attitude and be direct."

 A better approach, is to calmly ask questions that get a kid to come clean. 

Here’s the key with parenting and knowing whether your kid is lying or not, 

They show you facial signs 
They have a certain body language
If you are attentive enough as a parent, you know when your kid is telling fibs and when they’re not.
 Look for involuntary twitches in the face 
A tone of voice that sounds different.
Most interestingly,the sudden stammer 

Also key,  is not “calling out” your kids in an aggressive tone, and emphasizing the importance of honesty to build a child’s character. It’s not about getting your kid in trouble,only getting at the truth.

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