How Indian Movies Inspired Me – Mike Bamiloye

Mike Bamiloye is a household name in Christian movies production. In fact, he could be regarded as a pioneer of the sector in the country with his Mount Zion Film Production. Presently what started like a child’s play has become a global phenomenon as revealed in this chat with him.
Mike Bamiloye and wife Gloria

Did you ever think gospel drama/movies will attain this lofty height?
Yes, based on what the Lord God has said about this ministry of drama and movie productions, we knew what the Lord said would come to pass. Based upon what the Lord said, there is yet a higher height for the gospel drama and movie to attain.

Has your ministry ever felt like quitting before?

No, we have never felt like quitting this ministry of drama and film making. What else would we quit to do? This is a calling and ministry not a profession or career which can be changed for a better one. There is no better calling and ministry for us; so we have never felt or dreamt like quitting.

What has been the motivation for you to produce movies that impact lives?
I so much believe it is the call and mandate of God upon my life. I believe every child of God has been given gift and calling to do something for the expanding of the kingdom of God and my calling and mandate, therefore has been the acting of Christian drama and making of Christian movies for salvation of souls and edification of the body of Christ.
However, I would like to bring to foreground one of the things that challenged me early in my ministry life. It would be around 1985 or so, I was in my single room and was able to watch an Indian movie on television. It was titled SholayI was completely captivated by the story and the acting so much that at the end of the story, I was overwhelmed. I burst into tears and began to cry. It was not a message of salvation neither was it of revival, but I was so much touched and challenged and I began to pray in tears that the Lord would use me too to make a movie as powerful as that for Him. My spirit was full of Godly envy and jealousy for the Lord. I prayed that night that the Lord would use me too to make movies for God. I think the Lord began to answer that prayer in 1990 when our ministry came out with her first movie Unprofitable Servant and later followed it up with a more popular one: Beginning Of The End. Similarly, sometimes around 1986, I went to a town hall to watch one of Hubert Ogunde’s movies: Jayesinmi. The film ended late in the night and the distance to my house was about 10 kilometers. I came out of the hall that night with great burden in my heart. I was asking myself when Christian movies would be made to bless souls and touch people’s lives in Nigeria. I carried the burden in my heart and I refused to take a taxi. The burden made me trek on foot and I did not feel I was walking. As I was walking back home, I saw a Church having a film show beside the road for their congregation and some passers-by. My burden increased within me, because, the film they were showing to the people was: The Bible. Viewers didn’t understand what the film was about, but an interpreter was telling them what he wanted them to hear. I stood briefly and left with more Godly jealousy and the burden within my heart. These are some of the earlier incidences that built up motivation within me.

Truly inspiring.

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