Education And Strike - Two Worlds Apart !

                             Education and strike- Marriage of inconvenience

The word education, if married to strike would give birth to nothing other than confusion, brisk decision making which most times results in the negative.Withdrawal of children  from one school to another is an effect, and most importantly,education is tampered with and the children are directly or indirectly affected.Yes," when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers".

This is exactly the issue of the moment, following the strike embarked upon by the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities. 

Parents of pupils at the staff school of the Federal Universities of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, have started withdrawing their wards.

One of the parents, who identified herself as Mrs. Faduke, said she had to take her children to another school so that they would not be caught in the crisis.
She said, “I had to withdraw my children because their mates in other schools were moving on with their studies while my children were at home. The staff school used to be one of the best in the town but with what is going on there now, I don’t think it is good to leave my children there.”

Another parent, a lecturer in the university, who craved anonymity, said the strike informed his decision to withdraw his child from the school.
The lecturer said, “One should not joke with the life of one’s children. I do not think the solution to the problem of the school will end quickly. Therefore, it is safer to enrol one’s child in another school as soon as possible.”

Apparently,the situation has taken another turn.How far would this go?
What is the fastest measure to resolve this issue so that  the children affected can return to school? 
It's the fourth week already since school resumed.

Let's employ divorce strategies to end this incompatible marriage between education and strike!

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