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Policy papers show that there's a growing number of children and adolescents who are out of school,yet,aid has failed to meet the mark.
Just one-third of countries have achieved all the measurable Education For All (EFA) goals.

In 2012, 121m children and adolescents were still out of school,down from 204m in 1999.

Half of countries have now achieved universal primary enrollment and 10% more are close.

Poorest children are five times more likely not to complete primary school than the richest.

While girls are likely to enroll in school,boys are likely to leave early.

130 million children are in primary school but don't know basic reading,writing and math.-UNICEF

Boys outperform girls in mathematics while girls increasingly outperform boys in reading by a wider margin.

There are some vulnerable girls on earth.Girls who are pressed into marriage are denied their rights and many, deprived of their education.They are at the risk of abuse,their health is jeopardized and their future prospect are limited.

Global Education Monitoring Report
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