Children And Good Food

1. Spiralized Vegetables 

2. Mason-Jar Meals

3. Breakfast for Dinner
Photo {Food Network}

Take a close look at these colourful meals.Apart from it's appealing colour which has the power to captivate any kid-guest,they are healthy meals parents should embrace for their children.

Cucumber,green beans, tomatoes carrots, red beans,onions,all fresh are healthy.

When it's meal time,just learn the trick to link their colourful letters,toys with this colourful meal and see the magic! [ though,this depends on the ages of the children]Sometimes,the taste puts them off. Try not to impose it on them or force them to eat.Just create some fun to make them love it.

Go an extra mile to let them have a taste of this every other day and they may just fall in love with them.

Tomatoes, according to research are good for the health of prostrate in men because they are the rich source of  lycopene.They have natural sugars like fructose and sucrose.good sources of vitamins C and E {Cherry Tomatoes} and have folate and dietry fibres.Children need this for their development.

Carrots make kids have healthy and sharp eyes and contains constipation.Many are the  health benefits of  each of these vegetables.

There is every tendency that a healthy child would develop well physically,mentally, and all round.Deny a child,then you limit him.Do not deny him, then he is good -to-go! even in academics.

Remember,learning is progressive.A step at a time.Patience with the children when taking stuff like this is important because it's not the sugary kind of meal they are used to.

Either good eaters or picky eaters, the beauty of individual differences is to arrive at the same goal:eat healthy!

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