Bill Gates And Aliko Dangote's Collaboration Elevates Education.

The Nigerian educational system could be greatly damaged if the problem of malnutrition is not tackled as quickly as possible.If 44% of the country's population of 170 million are aged under 14,then we are at risk if the enormity of the number is malnourished.

The reason is that children need essential minerals and vitamins that aid the development of their brains that would enable them learn fast cognitively,in the affective and skill wise{psychomotor}.

A child who is malnourished can hardly function to the best of his or her God-given ability because the brain is either stunted or under nourished thus,the children are incapacitated to exhibit their best.
They are not able to learn and excel at the pace of the nourished child,which leaves them 'struggling.' 

The move by the Billionaire business magnates to join forces in bid to help the 11 million children suffering from malnutrition in Northren Nigeria,Africa's leading economy is a way forward for the nations' educational system.

They are about to salvage a generation of failure,and translating it to a generation of brilliance,excellence and success.

If Nigeria fails in child care, then what would the future hold? By solving the problem of malnutrition in Nigeria, Empowerment is what Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote is giving education.The Microsoft founder is right after all to have said prospects would be "greatly damaged if we don't solve malnutrition".   
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